When to See a Dentist About Tooth Pain

When you are in a position where your tooth is hurting, you will be worried about whether or not it is going to be a long term problem. It is one thing to have a little bit of pain in your tooth that lasts for a couple of hours. But if it is a pain that starts to get even worse, you are going to want to make sure you get it checked out. The best thing you can do is to book an appointment with a dentist in your area.

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The dentist is going to go through a whole process to check your tooth. They will do some checks using their tools and a magnifier, as it allows them to see the tooth and surrounding gums. They will also order a dental x ray pleasant prairie if they feel as though it is warranted. The x-ray will tell them even more about what is going on with your tooth and why it is causing you pain.

There are instances where your dentist may tell you that it is time to get the tooth removed. It is possible if the tooth is infected, as it may be beyond saving. Even if the tooth is not loose, it is infected, which means that it is going to spread the infection to the nearby teeth. It is not the way to go, as you could be looking at losing multiple teeth if you do nothing.

Do not be too concerned about an extraction. You will get local anesthesia and your dentist will get the tooth out in minutes. You will have some pain when you get home for the next couple of days, but it is nothing that is going to take over your life. Do make sure you take the antibiotics you are given as those prevent infection.